Who we are

Tectainet Technologies is a full-service media and I.T. provisioning company that provides I.T., Telecommunication Engineering and media products for businesses, professional media and I.T. training.

Tectainet makes desktop website, applications, media coverage, primarily specializing in Content Management solutions and training. We have also been developing School and Company Media Content, Club and Company Photo Shoots, Website, Applications, Responsive Design for offices, schools, hospitals, hotels,Telecommunication Engineering,Device Coding and Installations, and handling students' ICT and media training in schools.

Tectainet Technologies is a corporate partner to Microsoft, Google Inc., IEE Computer Society and so on, Tectainet delivers good quality on all products and services offered on every platform.

So, get dynamic apps developed by us to boost your business, clubs and organizations productivity. At Tectainet Technologies, we also give some of our apps free to all new and prospective customers with the support of our I.T partners across the world. Enjoy more on our media coverage; contact us today.