Here are Tectainet Apps Products available in the market for various sectors

Health Care

Tectainet Hcare

Electronic Medical Record(EMR) for various health care facilities

​​​​​For all types of Hospital Patients Healthcare Management from Patient Registration,Inpatient and Outpatient Management, Patient Clinical Process, Medical Test, Admissions, Drug Dispensory, Hospital Accounting, Telehealth, All Facilities Management and Lots More

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Tectainet Labflow

Medical Laboratory Management System, to manage various Patient Medical Laboratory Test

​​​​For all type of Laboratory pathology and other Test from Patient Registration, Billing and Payment, Referral and Rebate Management System, Result Presentation and Lots More

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Tectainet Pharmasoft

Pharmacy Management System for managing Drugs and Dispensory

​​​​​For all Pharmacy Management, Drug Dispensory, Sales and Payment, POS Reciept, Salary Payment and Lots More


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Tectainet Hi5

School management System to manage Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools.


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Tectainet Hi7

Tutorial Management System, to Manage Tutorial Centers


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Tectainet Hi7 Pro+

Tertiary Institution Management System, to management various Tertiary Institutions


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Tectainet Lawflow

Solution for Lawyers,SAN, to manage court matters, Law Report, Client Invoicing and Payment Management


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Tectainet Courtflow

Use by Court to manage various proceedings and lawyer to have notice of Court Sittings


Tectainet Easyeye

Security Agent Management System, to manage all reported and criminal cases of suspect


Tectainet Ebiz

ERP and Inventory System to manage various business, Offices and Stores


Tectainet CDAMs

Community Association Management System to Manage CDAs, Plaza and Estate 


Tectainet Farmflow

Solution to Manage All Agricultural Activities, for farmers, farm traders and so on

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