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Our exceptional services encompass a comprehensive triple-play offering, encompassing high-speed broadband, crystal-clear voice communication, and seamless video solutions for all your virtual and hybrid business communications.

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Super Fast Internet

 Up to 152 Mbps Download Speed 
‌We provide you with up to 1200 Megabytes per seconds for download for fast downloading. 

‌We are always here to support you 24/7, Monday to Sunday. 
‌Access to all Websites With us, you have complete access to all websites, no restrictions. 
‌Working from Home You’ll be able to download and upload all the files you need to keep business as usual. 
‌Seamless Gaming You’ll be able to download massive games and be able to play them at the speed of light!

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Why you need our Internet Service

Tectainet Broadband is designed to offer stable and reliable internet access with amazing speeds ideal for both home and office. Whether you are uploading/downloading large files, video streaming, online gaming, holding online meetings or connecting to your smart home

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35,000Per month

Up to 35Mbps 
‌4‌+ Connected Devices 
‌U‌nlimited Download 
‌HD Streaming 1TV 
‌Onetime Installation: ₦60,000 ‌

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45,000Per month

Up to 45Mbps 
‌8+Connected Devices 
‌U‌nlimited Download 
‌HD Streaming 2TV 
‌Onetime Installation: ₦60,000 ‌

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60,000Per month

Up to 55Mbps 
‌12+ Connected Devices 
‌U‌nlimited Download 
‌HD Streaming 4TV 
‌Onetime Installation: ₦60,000 ‌

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