Tecainet Technologies Partner with Microsoft;

This is a good news to the general public as the company is now a partner to Microsoft, not only that partnership accreditation has also been granted by google. We appreciate all our new and existing customers, the main reason why we exist is our customers and we assure all our customers that we will continue to improve all our products and services from time to time. News>>> Tectainet and Quick Teller on Partnership This is another wonderful news we will like to inform all our customers as the company is now in partnership with quick teller as the payment switch company in Nigeria .News>>> Tectainet Institutes awards best students in Lagos Schools

As part of the mission of the company in touching lives and encourage younger generation, the institute awards certificate of Excellent to the best students in 2016 at Ezekiel International School Lagos State Nigeria. The event held on 21st July 2016. Presenting the awards to the beneficiary at the school 2016 Valedictory service. The awards given were on media and I.T. Tectainet Institutes gives discount on students training scheme Tectainet Institute began to give discount on all courses offered by Tectainet Institute. Students can enjoy up to 50% discount on any course of their choice. The door of discount was open to all students who are interested in the institute program from 1st August 2016 till Nov 30th 2016.


Tectainet introduces full mobile training service in I.T and Media courses within Lagos. Some courses with advance setups are completed at our office or our nearest center to you at a free time. This is to eliminate the groaned pain of busy schedules and stress when a new skill is needed. This is also to let the school children acquire professional skill, add value to their education while at home less busy


A dedicated Laptop is made available for you and always be with you all through the training for excellent practice

Stay connect with our student’s network 24/7 from anywhere Excellent customer service, quality and Intensive Training by our qualify personnel in your place at a given time.